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A major manufacturer of fine furniture makes a desk very much like the desk shown above, with a retail price of $29,875.00. Their desk is made of mahogany veneers and contains inlay work and a leather top. The desk we made, shown above, is made of solid cherry with no inlays, a solid cherry top, and solid brass, pierced Chippendale hardware. Our version of this famous antique replica was priced at less than 15% of the mahogany desk made by the famous manufacturer. Needless to say, our customer was very pleased with the our price, and was ecstatic when we delivered her beautiful desk.

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We have been making custom furniture since 1990.

Our goal is always to craft what our clients want at a price that beats all other custom or pre-made manufacturers. How do we do that? We own our brick and mortar shop, and every tool, fastener, and machine that's in it. We pay no rental fees on anything. The lumber we use comes from resources that trade us the woods we need for Internet services that we provide as a separate IT company and marketing consulate.

No project is initiated until our client signs off on it to begin the work. Drawings are normally supplied and our delivery is free up to 40 miles from our shop in Harford County, Maryland.

Manufacturing time usually falls between four to eight weeks from the outset of work, with updates offered to the customer as needed along the way for final finish approval and other "work-in-progress" options.

Compare our free estimates to other resources you've checked for your next furniture or woodworking need.

We think you'll like what you'll receive from us.